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Concussion Screening and  Rehabilitation 

Concussion is a disturbance in brain function caused by direct or indirect force to the head. Initial evaluation will involve eliminating cervical spine injury and serious traumatic brain injury. Many of our patients present to us following accidents where their head was shaken violently either in car accidents or sports injuries.


The injury to the brain can cause immediate or delayed changes in the brain’s chemistry and function. We will identify the effects of your injuries and propose treatments to help you recover.

When our patients have experienced a mild traumatic brain injury or concussion we are careful to educate them regarding the recovery process.  Often times there is no specific recovery timeline, depending on the severity of the injury and factors such as age and previous head injuries it is possible that the recovery can take weeks to months. 

Our team will work closely with you to develop an individualized program and guide you each step of the way to help restore strength, endurance and tolerance to normal day to day activities that may have been effected by your injury. 

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