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Functional Reconditioning Programs and Return to Work 

We understand that your goals, your injury, your health, your lifestyle and your needs are unique to you.  An enhanced medical rehabilitation program combines appropriate physiotherapy treatment, clear education and self management strategies, individualized exercise programs, functional reconditioning and a graduated supervised return to work. 

A functional reconditioning program is specifically designed to the individual client and their unique needs.  Our goals include:

  • providing effective evidence based treatment to correct or support any underlaying mechanical, neurological or myofascial pain, and address any movement or motor dysfunction.

  • Empowering our clients with clear evidenced based education on their diagnosis and treatment plan, as well as providing individualized integrated self management concepts and strategies.

  • Outlining a clear and progressive individualized exercise program, meeting the needs and goals of our client, and supporting a successful return to their active lifestyle and employment. 

  • Clear, timely, and effective communication with our client, case managers, and the medical team. 


Functional Programming includes a thorough assessment, an individualized active exercise based program, hands on treatment, education on the injury, self-management concepts and strategies, ergonomics and lifting education, home and work place exercise integration, and a guided graduated return to work plan.

Physiotherapists work closely with case managers, providing assessment findings including functional testing, as well as mid term, monthly and discharge reports.  guided and supervised return to work plan is clearly outlined. 

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